Well-groomed pets are happier, better behaved, healthier, and more outgoing. Just like all of us, they feel good when they look good. Modern Pet Salon offers a complete line of fine grooming services to bring out the best of appearance and personality in any breed. We work carefully, never rush, and do not overbook appointments. We always take our time and do it right!

Special Offers

$5.00 OFF
New Customers Only.  Book online & mention this offer at check in.
FREE Teeth Cleaning 

& File ~ $20 value

For existing clients only. Refer a friend, book online & mention this offer at check in.


(Complimentary Blue Berry Facial)
This service consists of a Bath, full haircut from nose to tail, usually using scissors and clippers. Haircuts start with a full bath, brush out, and blow dry and include all the elements described in our Basic service. You decide exactly how you want your pet to look, how long or short the hair should be and whether your pet should look full bodied or slim. Our groomers will work hard to give your pet the individual look you want that will assuredly bring out the essence of its personality.


TOUCH UP (Complimentary Blue Berry Facial)
An essential service to maintain the appearance and hygiene of your pet between groomings.
Each touch up service includes:
• Premium shampoos and fine conditioners
• Fluff drying
• Full brushing out
• Face Trim
• Feet Trim
• Sanitary Clip
• Nail trimming
• Ear cleaning
• Expression of glands (dogs)
Your pet will look fuller, healthier, and more colorful. They'll look and feel younger and smell terrific!


The many variables in pet grooming such as long or short hair, matted or tangled hair. Therefore, there is no set pricing for fine grooming. Factors which determinethe price of a service include: Each touch up service includes:
• Amount of scissor work
• Brushing
• Clipping
• Degree of matting
• Difficulty of the cut
• Disposition of the animal
• Drying time
• Length of hair
• Size of pet
We will be happy to quote you a price range over the phone, and we invite your inquiries.


• De-shedding Defurminator: $10 and up. (rejuvenates the coat)
• De-matting: $10 and up. • Teeth brushing: $7
• Nail trimming: included with any bath or haircut for Free
• Specialty Shampoo: $3 sm / $7 lg (Oatmeal, Hypo-Allergenic, etc)
• Nail Polish: $10
• Nail File: $7 / Walk In Service: Nail Trim: $10 - Nail File: $15
• Expression of Anal Glands without bath: $10 (included with grooming for Free)


(Complimentary Blue Berry Facial)
Bath and Dry only. There will be NO cutting or clipping on the pet at all. Great for in between cuts. For guest coming over or if pet just needs freshening up!



Meet our staff!
With over 25 years of experience you can rest assured your pet is in capable, loving hands
Modern Pet Salon is Weddington’s first full-service pet grooming salon. MPS is a unique facility built up with one common goal – providing a Superior Customer Experience. Our distinctive identity has sparked the interest of the Weddington/Waxhaw community and residents of its surrounding areas.

Along with six consecutive “Angie’s List Super Service Award” (2012 – 2017). MPS is the proud recipient of the Expertise “Best Dog Groomers in Charlotte” Award (2016 &2018). Also, the “People Loves us on Yelp” Award (2016 & 2017). And we were rated the #7 Best Grooming Salon in NC by the “Best Things North Carolina”.

Modern Pet Salon proudly displays its recognition as the 
best grooming salon in Weddington since 2011.

Our awards and Recognitions are a direct reflection of our commitment to our clients, our community, and our profession. With your support and our passion for the care of your pets our business will continue to be ranked among the best of the best. 

Meet the Owner

Danyelle began grooming at the age of sixteen. After majoring in business at UNCC-Charlotte she began a career in Real Estate. While she enjoyed her work in the corporate world, her passion was grooming and she continued to do this part time. As the market shifted during the recession she and her husband Rod, considered venturing out on their own. Their vision was an upscale salon atmosphere where the customer experience was a priority. They wanted a safe, relaxing and clean environment for grooming pets where the employees and pets are treated like family. 

In 2011, their first location debuted in Matthews inside the Weddington Corners Shopping center. The couple scraped together about $16,000 to open the doors. Her husband Rod tells everyone, we put every penny into it we possibly could, and our heart and souls.

It now boasts 25 employees, with 12 Groomers including Danyelle. Our Groomers have at least 5+ years of experience in all breeds.

Services typically start at $20 for a bath only. Grooming cuts for a small dogs start at $47 and about $70 for larger breeds (depending on coat and styling requesting). Then there are a number of a la carte add-ons, such as nail filings for $7, nail polishes for $12. Teeth brushing $7, hair dye for $20 and up. And our Scent of the Month package for $15.




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