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This is Our MPS Family

Meet Our Modern Pet Salon Team

The Modern Pet Salon team is a dedicated group of experienced grooming professionals, united by a passion for delivering exceptional care and styling to every pet. With a commitment to continuous education and a deep understanding of the latest trends in pet wellness and aesthetics, our staff ensures that every visit to MPS is a luxury experience for your furry family members.

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Do You Want to be a Part of the MPS Family?

Apply to The MPS School of Artistry

At Modern Pet Salon, we take pride in nurturing the next generation of professional pet groomers through our comprehensive Dog Grooming School. Our program is uniquely designed to provide you with hands-on, one-on-one training from seasoned professionals, giving you the practical skills needed to master all breed and mixed breed clips. Upon enrollment, you’ll receive a professional 20-piece grooming toolkit to equip you with the essentials from day one. Moreover, we ensure your expertise goes beyond grooming; you’ll also receive Pet CPR and First Aid Certification, preparing you for any situation in your grooming career. Immerse yourself in the day-to-day operations of our bustling salon, gaining invaluable, real-world experience. After completing your coursework, you won’t just be certified; you’ll be ready to step into immediate employment opportunities. And the support doesn’t end there; we offer an ongoing apprenticeship at Modern Pet Salon, ensuring your continued growth and success in the dynamic world of pet grooming.


“One of the best professional decisions I’ve made in recent years. 

MPS School of Artistry Case Study

Jarrett B.

Jarrett’s aspiration to become a professional pet groomer found its path at Modern Pet Salon’s esteemed Dog Grooming School. Located in the heart of South Charlotte, the school offered Jarrett more than just an education—it provided a gateway to a fulfilling career.

From his first day, Jarrett was immersed in an intensive, hands-on learning experience under the tutelage of seasoned grooming professionals. He relished the opportunity to work directly with a diverse range of breeds, mastering the art of both standard and mixed breed clips. The comprehensive training program also equipped him with a professional 20-piece grooming toolkit, which became an integral part of his daily practice.

However, the highlight for Jarrett was the chance to work in one of Modern Pet Salon’s two bustling salons in South Charlotte. This real-world experience not only solidified his grooming techniques but also allowed him to understand the nuances of running a successful salon. The opportunity to transition seamlessly from student to practitioner in such a vibrant setting was something Jarrett found particularly advantageous.

But beyond the technical skills and the professional opportunities, what truly made Jarrett’s experience at Modern Pet Salon’s Grooming School rewarding was the environment. He fondly described the atmosphere as a big family—a sentiment that resonates with many who walk through MPS’s doors. Colleagues became mentors and friends, creating a supportive network that encouraged learning and growth. Jarrett felt valued, not just as a student but as a member of the team, with everyone eager to help and contribute to one another’s success.

Today, Jarrett is not only a testament to the school’s ability to nurture skilled groomers but also a reflection of its warm, familial culture. His story is one of many that highlights Modern Pet Salon’s commitment to excellence, not just in grooming, but in fostering a community where everyone—staff, students, and pets alike—is treated with kindness and respect.

Apply to The MPS School of Artistry

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Choose the best Modern Pet Salon location for your needs with ease. While both our Weddington and Ballantyne salons offer a comprehensive range of grooming services, it’s important to note that our Ballantyne location is uniquely equipped to provide boarding and day play services. If you’re looking for these specific services in addition to grooming, Ballantyne is the perfect choice. Regardless of your selection, whether it’s the bustling atmosphere of Ballantyne or the dedicated grooming focus at Weddington, exceptional care and professional grooming await your pet.